"Buy Guns, Eat Meat, Wear Fur"

CD - $4.00

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Broken Clown played real, dirty, fist pumping rock in the Portland, Maine area from 1996-2002. Silly, sonic, stoner metal could be a way to describe them. Their palate of influences ranged from Black Sabbath to Iron Maiden and Kyuss, but they really strived off of originality. The mixing of these styles with their unique sick sense of humor is what made this self-produced EP from 2000 a fun ride.

Track Listing
1. F.J. Gallagher Will Have His Revenge On Bangor International Airport 2. Truckstop Romeo 3. Three Images 4. The Hazards Of Environmental Recording In Clinton, Maine 5. A New Piece 6. Corpus Canine 7. 1 + 1 = Kill

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