"Spork... Was Murdered"

CD - $7.00

Spork was a band that played in the Bangor, Maine hardcore scene from 1994-2001. This release is a limited edition of 100 CD-Rs that were burned and hand numbered by the band. It includes every album the band produced in their time together. The only track that Spork did that is not included on this disc can be found on the House Guests compilation. If you order a copy online, we'll include a copy of House Guests for free.

Track Listing
1. Bootprint 2. Organ Grinder's Monkey Freak 3. Glorified Nerd 4. Ostrich Syndrome 5. Swallow My Doubt 6. Get Your Own 7. Procrastination (Tractor Pull Remix) 8. Grab Ass 9. Madder Than Me 10. Evicted 11. Assume The Worst 12. Dutch Oven 13. Until My Arms Fall Dead To My Sides 14. Alex 15. Thrust, Turn, Repeat 16. Awake And Screaming 17. Scurvy 18. Ping Pong 19. Sorry... Right Number 20. Wet Towel 21. Procrastination 22. Bleed 23. Reptile

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