"Chewbacalypse Now"

CD - $10.00

Confusatron's official website

Our first release is the debut album from Portland, Maine's multi-genre weirdos Confustron. A schizophrenic soundscape that took the band over a year to complete, it's been called "pretty near a perfectly executed record.... this is an album that because it includes a fistful of genres, transcends the usual limitations of genre. You don't have to be a fan of death metal, pop rock, or free jazz to like it. You just have to appreciate expert musicians playing well written songs." (Portland Phoenix, July 2003).

Track Listing
1. Turboface 2. Inspector Pecker 3. Master Sheik 4. Preparation F 5. Chewbacalypse Now 6. ACWAPSION 7. Gauntlet Of The Trailer Park

M U S I C - V I D E O - S E R V I C E S - I N F O - E M A I L

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