Episode 10: The Finale Part 2 "Where we belong..." 

The conclusion of the YouStar Finale. Dreams collide, and truth is told.


Episode 1: “Prologue: Going Home - Doesn’t Mean I’ve Failed”


One  mark of a great soldier is that he fights on his own terms, or not at all”

Nisa moves home to stay with her family in Maine after YouStar reviewers butchered her short film. She finds her brother embedded in a couch, playing video games nonstop, and discovers that her sister has given up all her aspirations for a dead end job. Nisa devises a scheme to win the YouStar contest - and heal her family in the process

Episode 2: “Prologue: A YouStar is Born - whether he wants to be or not


With help from a salon professional, Nisa transforms Jared into a preteen pop star fantasy. Defying everything they hold dear, Lila’s band writes a song to Nisa's 'pop fantasy' specifications, and Nisa directs Jared in his music video submission for the YouStar contest.

Episode 3: “Sebastian - because that’s a Vampire name, right?”


The YouStar community responds to “Pretty Girl.” Jared goes to Game Night, and a new competitor enters the YouStar Contest. Absolutely nothing goes as Jared hopes as Nisa sets out to conquer the YouStar world.

Episode 4: “Rivals and Vloggers - it’s War”


Nisa wages an online war against with her mysterious new rival who calls himself EndResult. Lila and Jared fear for her sanity. But a third competitor enters the ring, threatening to destroy both Nisa's plans - and EndResult's.

Episode 5: “The Devil has Big Brown Eyes - Who knew?”


Nisa and Jared meet with EndResut and Gabriella to deliberate on the destruction of a common enemy - Darling Darlene. An even more devious plan is hatched to guarantee interest in the new stars.

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Episode 6: “The Duet - I’d rather be anywhere than with you”


Nisa and Diego face a clash of will and ego while collaborating on the “Pretty Girl Duet.” Jared suspects Gabriella may not be so harmless, while Lila shares some insights with Diego.

"Pretty Girl" The Duet


Music video performed by the YouStar 

contestants, "Sebastian" and "Gabriella."

Episode 7: “Date Night… or True Crime 101”


Jared and Gabriella go on a date. Nisa and Diego chaperone closely. Jared loses his appetite, and Nisa wins a friend.



Online Gossip Vlogger Antoine Barrage shares the newest gossip on the lovebirds, Sebastiella.

Episode 8: “See You In Manhattan”


Having made the final round of the YouStar contest, the whole team travels to NYC for the Grand Finale, YouReviewers in virtual tow. Jared and Gabriella are interviewed by the notorious gossip blogger, Antoine Barrage. 

Episode 9: The Finale: Part 1 "Everything I wanted..."


The final round of the YouStar Showdown begins! Sebastiella faces off against Darling Darlene. Either everyone's dreams are coming true - or reaching a point of calamity. No one knows. And one man must face his greatest fear…

YouStar: Road To Fame - Trailer


A new original online mini-series about a young woman who turns her geek brother into the next pop sensation using an online music video contest.


Starring Summer Bills, Alberto Jorrin, Michelle Miller, Garrett Voltin, Ellen White, Audrey Wagner and Hassan Sayyed. Directed and Produced by Sofia Voltin.