Vol. 1: The Emperor's Coldest Eye - Chapters 1&2

Tumble into the multilevel narrative of The NPC! A pen and paper roleplaying comedy through which an epic adventure is unfolded.


Chapters 1 & 2

Tumble into the multilevel narrative of The NPC! A pen and paper roleplaying comedy through which an epic adventure is unfolded, this new web series introduces itself with Chapters 1 & 2 of 9.


Chapter 3

Stacy starts a fateful fire, and Grom gets to add something to his character sheet, but after this everyone just has what's on their character sheets, okay guys?


Chapter 4

Our heroes' characters' siege tower approaches the walls of the fort, Dwayne jumps down on a dude, and fireball time arrives!"


Chapter 5

In which Digoras enters the fort, and Freddie focuses on him for a while since the characters are separated.


Chapter 6

in which a siege tower crumbles, last minute jumps are made, and our heroes' characters come upon an intricate puzzle.


Chapter 7

in which our heroes' characters start to explore the interior of The Emperor's Coldest Eye.


Chapter 8

As our heroes' characters enter the captain's quarters of The Emperor's Coldest Eye they encounter the bandit leader with his sword to the throat of a sooty, naked gnome named Pierce.


Chapter 9

The final chapter of this season, in which our heroes’ characters confront the bandit leader and Grom attempt an epic attack!


Dr. Jinxbuster is a medieval scientist and explorer, like a cross between Darwin and Cortez, and in his journeys of scientific exploration throughout the game world of Matalea he has gained a vast array of knowledge on the various culture, religions and fauna of the game world. // His player, Victoria, known as Vic, is herself a student and adjunct professor of world religions in the real world, and from time to time will be known to give Freddie a break by gamemastering herself and letting him play the role of player for a while.


Lance, who video-conferences in to the game on a laptop as he is a long-haul trucker in a hotel in Tuscon on this particular evening, plays a Gnomish Wizard named Scarifex Elbernad.
Scarifex can seem a bit weird at first, but he is not to be trifled with. Driven partially mad by his use of dangerous magical components, he has sacrificed a great deal of wisdom for twice as much magical power, making his transformations, fire mastery, and metamancy superpowered but always risky. His player, Lance, has been playing in this campaign world since the first adventure, many characters ago, and has not missed a game since the beginning, even when he's on the road.


STACY as Si'lesia (Ramona Taj)
Stacy has been part of this friend-group for many years, and her taking part in their Sorcerers & Citadels games has been proposed many times, but has not actually happened until this evening. This is Stacy's first time playing a tabletop roleplaying game.

The character she ended up making, Si'lesia, is a high-Elven thief with a particularly powerful set of skills, though Stacy is still figuring out how best to make use of them. Si'lesia hails from an astral Elven city that exists inside a mirror on a brooch worn by the Gnome King of Crawn.



Dwayne considers himself, above all things, a wargamer. He makes money as a carpenter and moonlights as an unpaid actor in the occasional short film or student piece. What he cares most about, however, is the story he has already lived four complex lives within, the story of Freddie's campaign world. 


Dwayne's current character, Digoras, Eater of Foes, is the grandson of his previous character, Omphalos the Unwise, who died trying to fight his way out of the prison mines of the mad Gnome King of Crawn (but that was years ago). Digoras, born in Crawn, was orphaned at a young age and raised in the distant eastern lands of Karawalnd by a mysterious ursine race of tribal Earth mages.


Gary owns the building, and is the GM Freddie's landlord. Gary just stopped by briefly because Freddie had mentioned some days ago that his sink was acting weird again. But the intrigue and drama of the four characters planning an assault on some kind of medieval fortress pulls him quickly and inextricably into five other people's story.

His way into that story is as Grom Rockrider, an NPC who works with the Thieves' Guild who was going to show the party the way up the mountains to the fortress, and wasn't really intended to stick around for long. But with Gary at Grom's helm, Freddie's planned story starts to gradually veer from its intended course.  Anything can and will happen!
FREDDIE as the Gamemaster (Benjamin Row)
This is Freddie's world, which is to say both that Freddie designed the fantasy world where the players' characters are adventuring, from the history of the various races and their politics to the flora and fauna of the various regions of the world, but which is also to say that he determines, with the aid of randomness approximators in the form of dice, what happens in the reality of the game world. The players may say what they intend for their characters to do, but it is Freddie who determines what actually ends up happening. He is the ultimate god of the story's universe, and he takes his role very seriously.